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Pakistan Association for Women's Studies (PAWS)



We serve our friends & members through 

  • Publications
  • Professional development activities
  • Networking
  • Supporting women's studies scholarship
  • Assistance in research, field data collection
  • Translation service

  • Our History

    The idea for the Pakistan Association for Women's Studies was first conceived in 1991 at the National Workshop on Women’s Studies. A Pakistani Perspective by the Centre of Excellence in Women’s Studies at the University of Karachi. PAWS was formed in March 1991 in Karachi by activists and academics with feminist consciousness to acts as a catalyst to bring about the empowerment of women, transforming a gender biased society into one inclusive of gender equity and social justice. 

    Our Objectives

    PAWS has the following objectives: 

    • To provide a forum for interaction and coordination for those engaged in teaching, research or action for women’s studies and for women’s development. 

    • To build solidarity among women's studies practitioners globally.

    • To identify, re-examine and develop feminist research and training methodologies which are relevant to the Pakistani situation.

    • To undertake participatory/action oriented research that is sensitive to issues of gender and development in Pakistan and in the region of  South Asia.

    • To strengthen the capabilities of Pakistani women researchers through training, education and research activities.

    • To assist women in developing their own resources for self-employment. 

    • To network with individuals and groups working for elimination of discrimination against women. 

    • To report and translate research findings in a manner usable by policy makers and     relevant groups. 

    • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops and short courses on women’s studies and feminist issues with the purpose of promoting and defending the interest of women’s studies. 

    • To network with Pakistani women within Pakistan and Pakistani women living in other countries and with women from other parts of the rest of the world who are concerned with gender-sensitive research and    training.

    Our office set-up

    Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies functions under the supervision of an advisory committee and is governed by its Constitution. PAWS is registered (Registration No. DSW (726)-K. of  1992) under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 (XLVI 0f 1961). 

    PAWS consists of a General Body and an Executive Committee.

    The General Body of PAWS is composed of Life Members, Ordinary, and Institutional Members.

    The Executive Committee of PAWS has the following office functionaries:

    Co-ordinator 1
    General Secretary 1
    Joint Secretary 1
    Treasurer 1
    Executive Committee 11
    Total 15


    On becoming member of PAWS you have joined the only and the pioneering network of Women’s Studies scholars, feminists, educators, and activists in Pakistan 
    As an individual or institutional member of Pakistan Women’s Studies Association, you can: 

  • Access our member directory
  • Get information about upcoming conferences and seminars
  • List your programme, department, centre, or non-government organization in our member     directory
  • Send information about your recent research, teaching and activism 
        for possible publication the PJWS
  • Access our E-Library
  • Low rates of annual subscription of PJWS


    Membership fee for different categories is as follows:

    Individual Ordinary Rs. 800/- per annum

    Individual Life Rs. 2000/-

    Student (student identification to be attached)

    Rs. 300/- per annum

    Institutional Rs. 5000/-

    Friends of PAWS Any amount is welcome

    Note: The ordinary/student memberships run from January 1st to December 30.

    Membership fee should be electronically paid to on Bank. For Bank details contact us:

    Pakistan Association for Women’s Studies
    C-31, Noman Heaven,
    Block 15, Guliatan-e Jauhar, Karachi, 75290. 

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